No Such Thing As Grown Ups
43: It Takes a Lot of Courage to be that Bad and Keep Going  #NO SuCh tHiNg aS GroWn uPs

NSTAGU's ANNIVERSARY Episode! Find out how it all began and then some! We are painfully, violently desperate for attention from Kevin Forbes. We invented a school for ziplines and punching and I think it will succeed! eDating and men with woman voices, Tara's eDating tales of woe, Peter S. Beagle so poor from the Last Unicorn, A very Special Steamboat shout out to Adam Prime Fitzgerald, and Curtis offers lesson's for babies. How can we fit all this into ONE episode??? Listen & find out, then Subscribe then kiss yo mama! 

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In this guide to surviving the pre-apocalypse we visit the Dartmouth Comic & Arts Festival DCAF and we have a BLAST! WE drop Burke off at 4 Paws Resort! Fancy! Our new favourite fan Kevin Forbes is now being stalked by us. We give a steamboat shout-out to Adam Prime Fitzgerald, review the 90's boy band Soul Decision and a skit about the most secretive evil villains in the world! 

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Campfirecast! We are sitting round the fire telling SCARY stories, we talk about old photos and the great documentary finding Vivian Maier. We help you survive naked & afraid with SHOES and survical tips every prepper need to know. WE have a garden and we talk about veggies, and UGLY vegetables! Also a few more stories from Jamaica security! All this and a skit! What are you waiting for! LISTEN it's FREE!

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40: Observing Jamaica Part II #NO SuCh ThINg aS GroWn uPs PoDcASt

This weeks Guide to the Pre-Apocalypse focuses on our travels to Jamaica! So many stupid white people and racism, we talk hibachi, food and exclusive resorts, 12 Years a Slave, Bob Marley, One Love, Saved by the Bell, the saddest boy in the world, Icarus, cougars & hummingbirds, monopoly, and a skit about party Brahs. Don't Worry, BE HAPPY MON! 

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