No Such Thing As Grown Ups

He's BAAAAACKKKK! That's right, you've downloaded his first guest appearance thousands of times, so he is back my little NGU's and let me say he is HILARIOUS! Listen for yourself, as Keith Dury creator of Illos Illustrated Podcast tells you all the TV secrets of working on Haven, Keith knows someone who dies!!! We bring him on as a soldier of fortune in our war against American Podcasters The Quadcast Podcast. And we preform William Shatner Theatre. If that's not enough there's a Dingle Tower and Santa Boners...

Check out the Latest episode of Illos guest animated by our very own Tara Audibert!!!

WAIT there's MORE we also recorded a whole full length AFTERSHOW with Keith Dury that you can get on PATREON!!! What's that? Well CLICK HERE and find out, we made a funny video to tell you!

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